Number: 103
Title: Deep Were His Wounds, and Red
Composer: Leland Bernhard Sateren, 1958
Author: William Johnson, 1953
Scripture: Isaiah 53 Matthew 8:17 I Peter 2:22-25
Theme: Holy Week

1.  Deep were His wounds, and red,
    On cruel Calvary,
    As on the cross He bled
    In bitter agony.
    But they whom sin has wounded sore
    Find healing in the wounds He bore.

2.  He suffered shame and scorn
    And wretched, dire disgrace;
    Forsaken and forlorn,
    He hung there in our place.
    But all who would from sin be free
    Look to His cross for victory.

3.  His life, His all, He gave
    When He was crucified;
    Our burdened souls to save,
    What fearful death He died!
    But each of us, though dead in sin,
    Through Christ eternal life may win.