Number: 107
Title: Celebrate With Joy and Singing
Composer: R. Bedford Watkins, 1984
Author: Mary Jackson Cathey, 1986
Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10 Mark 16:1-8 Luke 24:1-9
Theme: Easter

1.  Celebrate with joy and singing,
    Alleluia be our song.
    Jesus Christ has risen to save us,
    Praises to our Christ belong.
    Through great love has come the victory;
    Life, not death, can be our claim.
    Let us now declare Christ's greatness,
    Spread good news, proclaim Christ's name.

2.  Honor, glory, praise, thanksgiving
    Give we now to God above.
    With the cross and grave Christ bought us,
    Let us now return that love.
    By our lives of dedication,
    As we teach and testify,
    May we show Christ's love around us,
    May it grow and purify.

3.  Worship now with shouts of gladness,
    For the Christ, the Holy One,
    On this day of resurrection,
    For the world new life has won.
    Let us pray and praise the Savior,
    Trust the acts, believe the word.
    Our salvation has been purchased
    By our loving, risen Lord.