Number: 109
Title: Cristo Vive / Christ Is Risen
Composer: Trans. Fred Kaan, 1972Pablo Sosa, 1960; alt. As in Cantate Domino, 1980
Author: Nicolas Martinez, 1960
Scripture: I Corinthians 15:12-23
Theme: Easter

1.  Christ is risen, Christ is living,
    Dry your tears, be unafraid!
    Death and darkness could not hold Him,
    Nor the tomb where He was laid.
    Do not look among the dead for 
    One who lives forevermore; 
    Tell the world that Christ is risen,
    Make it known He goes before.

2.  If the Lord had never risen,
    We'd have nothing to believe.
    But His promise can be trusted:
    "You will live, because I live."
    As we share the death of Adam,
    So in Christ we live again.
    Death has lost its sting and terror.
    Christ the Lord has come to reign.

3.  Death has lost its old dominion,
    Let the world rejoice and shout!
    Christ, the firstborn of the living,
    Gives us life and leads us out.
    Let us thank our God who causes
    Hope to spring up from the ground.
    Christ is risen, Christ is giving
    Life eternal, life profound.

1.  Cristo vive, fuera el llanto,
    Los lamentos y el pesar!
    Ni la muerte ni el sepulcro
    Lo han podido sujetar.
    No busquéis entre los muertos 
    Al que siempre ha de vivir.
    Cristo vive! estas nuevas 
    Por doquier dejad oir.

2.  Que si Cristo no viviera 
    Vana fuera nuestra fe.
    Mas se cumple Su promesa:
    "Porque vivo, viviréis."
    Si en Adán entró la muerte, 
    Por Jesús la vida entró;
    No temáis, el triunfo es vuestro:
    El Señor resucitó!

3.  Si es verdad que de la muerte
    El pecado es aguijón,
    No temáis pues Jesucristo
    Nos da vida y salvación.
    Gracias demos al Dios Padre
    Que nos da seguridad.
    Que quien cree en Jesucristo
    Vive pro la eternidad.