Number: 124
Title: Spirit of God, Unleashed on Earth
Composer: alt.Attr. Elkanah Kelsay Dare As in Pilsbury's United States Harmony, 1799
Author: John W. Arthur, 1972;
Scripture: Acts 2:1-13
Theme: Day Of Pentecost

1.  Spirit of God, unleashed on earth
    With rush of wind and roar of flame!
    With tongues of fire saints spread good news;
    Earth, kindling, blazed its loud acclaim.

2.  You came in power, the church was born;
    O Holy Spirit, come again!
    From living waters raise new saints,
    Let new tongues hail the risen Lord.

3.  With burning words of victory won
    Inspire our hearts grown cold with fear,
    Revive in us baptismal grace,
    And fan our smoldering lives to flame.