Number: 127
Title: Come, O Spirit
Composer: Union Harmony, 1837 Harm. Hilton Rufty, 1934
Author: John A. Dalles, 1983
Scripture: Acts 2:1-4
Theme: Day Of Pentecost

1.  Come, O Spirit, with Your sound
    Like a wind, quick rushing;
    Come from heaven and stir our hearts,
    Each disciple touching!
    Mold our actions to Your will,
    You our service giving;
    Move within our fellowship,
    Transform now our living!

2.  Come, O Spirit, with Your flame,
    Leaping tongues of fire;
    Come, and with Your glorious light
    All our thoughts inspire!
    Rest upon each servant's head
    Till each one is speaking 
    Of our Christ, the Holy One
    All the earth is seeking!

3.  Come, O Spirit, fill Your church,
    Making strong our mission;
    Fill Your daughters and Your sons
    With a mighty vision,
    Till the great and glorious day
    When the whole creation
    Sings Your praise as Lord and King,
    Giver of salvation!