Number: 128
Title: On Pentecost They Gathered
Composer: Neuvermehrtes Meiningisches Gesangbuch, 1693 Adapt. Felix Mendelssohn, 1847
Author: Jane Parker Huber, 1981
Scripture: Acts 2:1-11
Theme: Day Of Pentecost

1.  On Pentecost they gathered 
    Quite early in the day,
    A band of Christ's disciples,
    To worship, sing, and pray.
    A mighty wind came blowing,
    Filled all the swirling air,
    And tongues of fire aglowing
    Inspired each person there.

2.  The people all around them 
    Were startled and amazed
    To understand their language,
    As Christ the Lord they praised.
    What universal message,
    What great good news was here?
    That Christ, once dead, is risen
    To vanquish all our fear.

3.  God pours the Holy Spirit
    On all who would believe,
    On women, men, and children
    Who would God's grace receive.
    That Spirit knows no limit,
    Bestowing life and power.
    The church, formed and reforming,
    Responds in every hour.

4.  O Spirit, sent from heaven
    On that day long ago,
    Rekindle faith among us
    In all life's ebb and flow.
    O give us ears to listen
    And tongues aflame with praise,
    So folk of every nation
    Glad songs of joy shall raise.