Number: 129
Title: Come, O Spirit, Dwell Among Us
Composer: Thomas John Williams, 1890
Author: Janie Alford, 1979
Scripture: Psalm 118:22 Acts 2:1-4 Acts 4:11 I Peter 2:6-7
Theme: Day Of Pentecost

1.  Come, O Spirit, dwell among us,
    Come with Pentecostal power;
    Give the church a stronger vision,
    Help us face each crucial hour.
    Built upon a firm foundation,
    Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone,
    Still the church is called to mission
    That God's love shall be made known.

2.  We would raise our alleluias
    For the grace of yester-years;
    For tomorrow's unknown pathway,
    Hear, O Lord, our humble prayers.
    In the church's pilgrim journey
    You have led us all the way,
    Still in presence move before us,
    Fire by night and cloud by day.

3.  Come, O Spirit, dwell among us;
    Give us words of fire and flame.
    Help our feeble lips to praise You,
    Glorify Your holy name.
    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
    Three in one: what mystery!
    We would sing our loud hosannas 
    Now and through eternity.