Number: 131
Title: Wind Who Makes All Winds That Blow
Composer: Joseph Parry, 1879
Author: Thomas H. Troeger, 1983
Scripture: Acts 2:1-13
Theme: Day Of Pentecost

1.  Wind who makes all winds that blow--
    Gusts that bend the saplings low,
    Gales that heave the sea in waves,
    Stirrings in the mind's deep caves--
    Aim Your breath with steady power
    On Your church this day, this hour.
    Raise, renew the life we've lost,
    Spirit God of Pentecost.

2.  Fire who fuels all fires that burn--
    Suns around which planets turn,
    Beacons marking reefs and shoals,
    Shining truth to guide our souls--
    Come to us as once You came:
    Burst in tongues of sacred flame!
    Light and Power, Might and Strength,
    Fill Your church, its breadth and length.

3.  Holy Spirit, Wind and Flame,
    Move within our mortal frame.
    Make our hearts an altar pyre,
    Kindle them with Your own fire.
    Breathe and blow upon that blaze
    Till our lives, our deeds and ways,
    Speak that tongue which every land
    By Your grace shall understand.