Number: 133
Title: All Glory Be to God on High
Composer: Trans. F. Bland Tucker, 1977; alt.Nikolaus Decius, 1539 Harm. Hieronymus Praetorius (1560-1629)
Author: Nikolaus Decius, 1522
Scripture: Luke 2:14 John 1:29
Theme: Trinity Sunday

1.  All glory be to God on high,
    And peace on earth from heaven,
    And God's good will unfailingly
    Be to all people given.
    We bless, we worship You, we raise
    For Your great glory thanks and praise,
    O God, Almighty Father.

2.  O Lamb of God, Lord Jesus Christ,
    Whom God the Father gave us,
    Who for the world was sacrificed
    Upon the cross to save us;
    And as You sit at God's right hand
    And we for judgment there must stand,
    Have mercy, Lord, upon us.

3.  You only are the Holy One,
    Who came for our salvation,
    And only You are God's true Son,
    Who was before creation.
    You only, Christ, as Lord we own
    And with the Spirit, You alone
    Share in the Father's glory.