Number: 134
Title: Creating God, Your Fingers Trace
Composer: Eugene W. Hancock, 1989
Author: Jeffery Rowthorn, 1979
Scripture: Genesis 1:1 Isaiah 45:7
Theme: Trinity Sunday

1.  Creating God, Your fingers trace
    The bold designs of farthest space;
    Let sun and moon and stars and light
    And what lies hidden praise Your might.

2.  Sustaining God, Your hands uphold
    Earth's mysteries known or yet untold;
    Let water's fragile blend with air,
    Enabling life, proclaim Your care.

3.  Redeeming God, Your arms embrace
    All now despised for creed or race;
    Let peace, descending like a dove,
    Make known on earth Your healing love.

4.  Indwelling God, Your gospel claims
    One family with a billion names;
    Let every life be touched by grace
    Until we praise You face to face.