Number: 137
Title: We All Believe in One True God
Composer: Trans. Catherine Winkworth, 1863; alt.Kirchengesangbuch, Darmstadt, 1699 As in Allgemeines Choral-Melodienbuch, 1793
Author: Tobias Clausnitzer, 1668
Theme: Trinity Sunday

1.  We all believe in one true God,
    Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
    Ever-present help in need,
    Praised by all the heavenly host,
    By whose mighty power alone
    All is made and wrought and done.

2.  We all believe in Jesus Christ,
    Son of God and Mary's son,
    Who descended from His throne
    And for us salvation won,
    By whose cross and death are we
    Rescued from sin's misery.

3.  We all confess the Holy Ghost,
    Who from both for-e'er proceeds,
    Who upholds and comforts us
    In all trials, fears, and needs.
    Blest and Holy Trinity,
    Praise forever be to Thee!