Number: 14
Title: Savior of the Nations, Come
Composer: Trans. William Morton Reynolds, 1850Based on plainsong melody Eyn Enchiridion, Erfurt, 1524 As in Songs of Syon, 1910
Author: Attr. Ambrose of Milan, 4th century Para. Martin Luther, 1524
Scripture: Luke 2:8-14
Theme: Advent

1.  Savior of the nations, come,
    Virgin's Son, make here Your home.
    Marvel now, O heaven and earth,
    That the Lord chose such a birth.

2.  From the Godhead forth You came,
    And return unto the same,
    Captive leading death and hell.
    High the song of triumph swell!

3.  You, the chosen Holy One,
    Have o'er sin the victory won.
    Boundless shall Your kingdom be;
    When shall we its glories see?

4.  Brightly does Your manger shine,
    Glorious is its light divine.
    Let not sin o'er-cloud this light;
    Ever be our faith thus bright.