Number: 156
Title: You, Living Christ, Our Eyes Behold
Composer: alt. 1973Michael Fleming, 1958
Author: Edmund R. Morgan, 1950;
Scripture: Revelation 1:13-15
Theme: Christ the King/Ascension

1.  You, living Christ, our eyes behold
    Amid Your church appearing,
    All girt about Your breast with gold,
    And bright apparel wearing;
    Your countenance is burning bright,
    A sun resplendent in its might:
    Lord Christ, we see Your glory.

2.  Your glorious feet have sought and found
    Your own in every nation;
    With everlasting voice You sound
    The call of our salvation;
    You search us still with eyes of flame,
    You know and call us all by name:
    Lord Christ, we see Your glory.

3.  O risen Christ, today alive,
    Amid Your church abiding,
    Who still Your blood and body give,
    New life and strength providing,
    We join the heavenly company
    To sing Your praise triumphantly,
    For we have seen Your glory.