Number: 159
Title: Psalm 2 Why Are Nations Raging
Composer: alt. Jacob Hintze, 1678 Harm. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) As in Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861
Author: Fred R. Anderson, 1986;
Scripture: Psalm 2
Theme: Psalms

1.  Why are nations raging
    And conspiring plots in vain?
    Rulers of the world rise up,
    Weaving webs of death and pain.
    Then against the Lord they cry,
    And against God's holy Son,
    "Let us tear their bonds from us
    And with their control be done."

2.  But the Lord has scorn on them,
    Laughing and enthroned on high.
    God brings wrath upon their work;
    Filled with anger God replies:
    "It is My own holy will 
    That the Christ on earth shall reign,
    And on Zion's holy hill,
    My anointed I'll maintain."

3.  God's decree unto the King
    Tells us what the Lord did say:
    "You are My own holy child;
    I've begotten You this day.
    Ask of Me and I will make
    All the nations Your own stay.
    These possessions You shall rule,
    Strong as iron smashing clay."

4.  Therefore, leaders of the earth,
    Serve the Lord with holy fear;
    Trembling come before the throne
    Or God's anger will appear.
    Kiss God's feet in trembling awe
    Or the Lord will use the rod,
    Making beggars of all kings.
    Blest are those who trust in God.