Number: 160
Title: Psalm 4
Composer: Psalm tone: St. Meinrad VII Refrain: Helen L. Wright, 1984
Author: Anthony Teague, 1979
Scripture: Psalm 4
Theme: Psalms

    In the night I can take my rest,
    You alone keep my life secure.

1.  When I call, You give heed, O Lord, rìghteous God;
    free me from my anguish, pity, héar my prayer.
2.  How long will they all remain hàrd of heart?
    How long will their lies and their vanitý endure?

3.  Remember, the Lord does wonders fòr the godly,
    the Lord will hear when I call on the hóly name.
4.  Do not sìn but tremble;
    as you lie on your bed, in silénce reflect.

5.  Offer praise and worshìp to God,
    put your trust ín the Lord.
6.  Many sigh as they pray: Lord, show ùs Your joy;
    when shall I see the light óf Your face?

7.  In my heart You have poured the fullnèss of joy,
    far richer than their harvests of gráin and wine.
8.  In peace I lie down and sleep còmes at once,
    for You, Lord, alone, keep my lífe secure.