Number: 168
Title: Psalm 22 Lord, Why Have You Forsaken Me
Composer: alt. Sarum plainsong, Mode IV, 9th century Harm. C. Winfred Douglas, 1943
Author: Christopher L. Webber, 1986;
Scripture: Psalm 22
Theme: Psalms

1.  Lord, why have You forsaken me,
    And why are You so far away
    From my complaint and my distress
    Poured out before You night and day?

2.  Yet You are holy, and the songs
    Of praise of Israel are Your throne;
    When our ancestors called on You,
    You saved them, rescued all Your own.

3.  But I am mocked and put to scorn,
    All those who see me laugh and say,
    "You trust in God, so let us see
    The help of God to whom you pray."

4.  Yet You, O Lord, have been my God
    And only hope since I was born;
    Trouble is near me, none can help;
    My Savior, leave me not forlorn.