Number: 169
Title: Psalm 20 In the Day of Need
Composer: Norman L. Warren, 1972
Author: Based on a paraphrase by Christopher M. Idle, 1969
Scripture: Psalm 20
Theme: Psalms

1.  In the day of need may your answer be the Lord,
    May the God of Jacob strengthen you;
    May our Lord send help from the high and holy place,
    And support you for the glory of God's name.

2.  May the Lord God grant you success in all your plans,
    May God give you all your heart's desire;
    May we sing for joy when we see the battle won;
    When the Lord has heard and answered every prayer.

3.  Now I know the Lord will encourage all beloved,
    God will hear and answer from on high;
    Not a word shall fail of the promises once made,
    Nor the words of God's victorious right hand.

4.  There are some who boast of the weapons of the world,
    But the power of God is all our pride;
    Those who live by war shall one day collapse and fall,
    But God's people stand and in God's reign prevail.