Number: 182
Title: Psalm 31:9-16
Composer: Hal H. Hopson, 1985
Author: Ladies of the Grail Refrain: Hal H. Hopson, 1983
Scripture: Psalm 31:9-16
Theme: Psalms

    O Lord, You are my God,
    I trust in You.

1.  Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am in distress.
    Tears have wasted my eyes, my throat, and my heart.

2.  For my life is spent with sorrow and my years with sighs.
    Affliction has broken down my strength and my bones waste away.

3.  In the face of all my foes I am a reproach,
    An object of scorn to my neighbors and of fear to my friends.

4.  Those who see me in the street run far away from me.
    I am like the dead, forgotten by all, like a thing thrown away.

5.  I have heard the slander of the crowd, fear is all around me,
    As they plot together against me, as they plan to take my life.

6.  But as for me, I trust in You, Lord, I say: You are my God.
    My life is in Your hands, deliver me from the hands of those who
    hate me.

7.  Let Your face shine upon Your servant.
    Save me in Your love.