Number: 183
Title: Psalm 31 In You, Lord, I Have Put My Trust
Composer: Trans. Catherine Winkworth, 1863; alt.Sunderreiter's Himmlische Harfen, 1573
Author: Adam Reissner, 1533
Scripture: Psalm 31
Theme: Psalms

1.  In You, Lord, I have put my trust;
    Leave me not helpless in the dust,
    Let me not be confounded.
    Let in Your Word
    My faith, O Lord,
    Be always firmly grounded.

2.  O listen, Lord, most graciously
    And hear my cry, my prayer, my plea,
    Make haste for my protection;
    For woes and fear
    Surround me here.
    Help me in my affliction.

3.  You are my strength, my shield, my rock,
    My fortress that withstands each shock,
    My help, my life, my tower,
    My battle sword; 
    Almighty Lord, 
    What can resist Your power?

4.  With You, Lord, I have cast my lot;
    O faithful God, forsake me not,
    To You my soul commending.
    Lord, be my stay
    And lead the way
    Now and when life is ending.