Number: 186
Title: Psalm 36 Thy Mercy and thy Truth, O Lord
Composer: alt.Thomas Tallis, c. 1567
Author: The Psalter, 1912;
Scripture: Psalm 36
Theme: Psalms

1.  Thy mercy and Thy truth, O Lord,
    Transcend the lofty sky,
    Thy judgments are a mighty deep,
    And as the mountains high.

2.  Lord, all Thy creatures Thou wilt save.
    Since Thou art ever kind,
    Beneath the shadow of Thy wings
    We may a refuge find.

3.  With the abundance of Thy house
    We shall be satisfied,
    From rivers of unfailing joy
    Our thirst shall be supplied.

4.  The fountain of eternal life
    Is found alone with Thee.
    And in the brightness of Thy light
    We clearly light shall see.

5.  From those that know Thee may Thy love
    And mercy ne'er depart,
    And may Thy justice still protect
    And bless the upright heart.