Number: 188
Title: Psalm 37 Fret Not for Those Who Do Wrong Things
Composer: Scottish Psalter, 1635
Author: Christopher L. Webber, 1986
Scripture: Psalm 37
Theme: Psalms

1.  Fret not for those who do wrong things,
    Who from God's path have strayed;
    For they shall wither like the grass,
    And like the green grass fade.

2.  Trust God, do good, dwell in the land,
    And let your wealth increase;
    Take your delight in God and then
    Your heart will find true peace.

3.  Commit your journey to the Lord;
    Trust God, it will be done;
    Your righteousness will then shine forth
    As clear as noon-day sun.

4.  Be still before the Lord and wait
    Most patiently in deed;
    Fret not for those who increase wealth,
    Whose evil schemes succeed.

5.  Let neither rage nor anger gain
    In you the upper hand,
    For those who wait upon the Lord
    Shall soon possess the land.