Number: 192
Title: Psalm 46 God, Our Help and Constant Refuge
Composer: alt. Herbert Howells, 1930, 1977
Author: Fred R. Anderson, 1986;
Scripture: Psalm 46
Theme: Psalms

1.  God, our help and constant refuge,
    Ever present in our need!
    Though the earth be ever changing,
    Though it fall into the sea,
    Rock secure,
    Ever sure
    Through all tumult You endure.

2.  Holy river of God's city, 
    Healing flows within your streams,
    Giving strength within our crisis,
    Firm and steady like a beam.
    Nations rage,
    Wars to wage.
    God will still protect this age.

3.  God, the Lord of Hosts, is with us.
    Come, behold these mighty deeds:
    Wars are ended, spears are broken,
    At this voice the world takes heed.
    Come, O Lord,
    Break the sword.
    Bring us peace as Your reward.

4.  Living Lord of Hosts, be with us.
    Come, and fill us with Your power.
    You, the hope of all the nations,
    Be exalted in this hour.
    God Most High,
    Lest we die,
    Give us hope and hear our cry.