Number: 195
Title: Psalm 51 Have Mercy on Us, Living Lord
Composer: Hal H. Hopson, 1983
Author: Fred R. Anderson, 1986
Scripture: Psalm 51
Theme: Psalms

1.  Have mercy on us, living Lord,
    Remember not our sin.
    According to Your steadfast love
    Come, cleanse us deep within.

2.  Our sin and guilt are heavy, Lord,
    And evil in Your sight.
    Against You only have we sinned;
    Your judgment, Lord, is right.

3.  We're born into a guilty world
    And sinful in our ways.
    Lord, teach us wisdom in our hearts
    And lead us all our days.

4.  So come and purify our lives,
    Our hearts with love redeem.
    Restore us to Your life-filled ways.
    Come, Lord, and make us clean.

5.  Your Spirit place within our hearts
    That we may teach Your ways,
    And all the people of the earth
    Shall learn to sing Your praise.

6.  You are not pleased with sacrifice,
    It brings You no delight.
    A humble spirit given in love
    Is pleasing in Your sight.

7.  Rebuild Your people with Your love,
    Renew us every day;
    With hearts renewed, in all our work,
    Our lives shall sing Your praise.