Number: 197
Title: Psalm 62 My Soul in Silence Waits for God
Composer: Alt. Fred R. Anderson, 1984Este's Psalmes, 1592 As in Songs of Syon, 1910
Author: The Psalter, 1912
Scripture: Psalm 62
Theme: Psalms

1.  My soul in silence waits for God,
    Who my own hope has proved.
    A rock and stronghold is my God,
    I never shall be moved.

2.  In God alone my honor rests,
    Who brings deliverance sure;
    My rock of strength is found in God,
    My refuge most secure.

3.  All people are but vanity,
    The best of us a lie;
    Both high and low estate combined
    Are lighter than a sigh.

4.  In your own strength, then, place no hope,
    For riches, have no lust;
    Though for a moment they appeal,
    They are not worth your trust.

5.  For truly God has spoken once,
    And twice to me made known:
    That strength and power belong to God,
    And unto God alone.

6.  For so it is that sovereign grace
    Belongs to You, O Lord;
    For You according to our work
    Shall everyone reward.