Number: 199
Title: Psalm 63 O Lord, You Are My God
Composer: William H. Harris, 1930
Author: Para. John G. Dunn, 1983
Scripture: Psalm 63
Theme: Psalms

1.  O Lord, You are my God, for You I long:
    Show me Your face.
    Your life within me makes my spirit strong:
    Lord of all grace.
    For You I thirst like deserts parched and dried.
    Within Your care my soul is satisfied.

2.  My spirit seeks Your glorious majesty:
    Show me Your face.
    Your constant love gives more than life to me:
    Lord of all grace.
    Thus will I bless Your name through all my days,
    And lift my hands to You in thankful praise.

3.  I pray to You and in Your help confide:
    Show me Your face.
    You feed my soul and I am satisfied:
    Lord of all grace.
    O keep me in the shelter of Your throne;
    To You I cling, my joy, my God alone.