Number: 201
Title: Psalm 65 Praise Is Your Right, O God, in Zion
Composer: Harm. Dale Grotenhuis, 1985
Author: Stanley Wiersma, 1980
Scripture: Psalm 65
Theme: Psalms

1.  Praise is Your right, O God, in Zion.
    To You we pay our vows.
    When we Your people pray, You hear us,
    All flesh to You will bow.
    When our transgressions overwhelm us,
    You graciously forgive.
    How satisfied Your chosen servants;
    Within Your courts they live.

2.  Your mighty acts work our salvation.
    All earth waits hopefully.
    You have the strength to make the mountains,
    To calm the stormy sea.
    You calm the tumult of the people.
    Such awesome signs You do
    That earth, from sunrise to the sunset,
    For joy cries out to You.

3.  You bless the earth with streams and rivers,
    And with the gentle rain.
    You settle ridges, soften furrows,
    And bless the sprouting grain.
    You crown the year with ample harvest;
    A rich abundance springs.
    All flocks and grains and hills and meadows,
    Yes, all creation sings.