Number: 207
Title: Psalm 84 How Lovely, Lord
Composer: Hal H. Hopson, 1983
Author: Arlo D. Duba, 1984
Scripture: Psalm 84
Theme: Psalms

1.  How lovely, Lord, how lovely
    Is Your abiding place;
    My soul is longing, fainting,
    To feast upon Your grace.
    The sparrow finds a shelter,
    A place to build her nest;
    And so Your temple calls us 
    Within its walls to rest.

2.  In Your blest courts to worship,
    O God, a single day
    Is better than a thousand
    If I from You should stray.
    I'd rather keep the entrance
    And claim You as my Lord
    Than revel in the riches
    The ways of sin afford.

3.  A sun and shield forever
    Are You, O Lord Most High;
    You shower us with blessings;
    No good will You deny.
    The saints, Your grace receiving,
    From strength to strength shall go,
    And from their life shall rivers 
    Of blessing overflow.