Number: 21
Title: All My Heart Today Rejoices
Composer: Trans. Catherine Winkworth, 1858; alt.Johann Georg Ebeling, 1666
Author: Paul Gerhardt, 1653
Scripture: Matthew 2:10-11 Luke 2:8-20
Theme: Christmas

1.  All my heart today rejoices,
    As I hear,
    Far and near,
    Sweetest angel voices:
    "Christ is born," their choirs are singing,
    Till the air,
    Now with joy is ringing.

2.  Hark! A voice from yonder manger,
    Soft and sweet,
    Does entreat:
    "Flee from woe and danger;
    Come and see; from all that grieves you
    You are freed;
    All you need
    I will surely give you."

3.  Come, then, let us hasten yonder;
    Here let all,
    Great and small,
    Kneel in awe and wonder;
    Love Him who with love is yearning;
    Hail the star 
    That from far
    Bright with hope is burning!