Number: 211
Title: Psalm 90 Lord, You Have Been Our Dwelling Place
Composer: Heinrich Schultz, 1628
Author: Fred R. Anderson, 1986
Scripture: Psalm 90
Theme: Psalms

1.  Lord, You have been our dwelling place,
    A refuge where our feet have trod.
    Before You placed all things in space,
    From everlasting You are God.

2.  Your words can turn us back to dust,
    Our lives are fragile, like a dream.
    As grass which sprouts yet fades at dusk
    We're born, we live, but pass unseen.

3.  Our years are but three-score and ten,
    With special health they reach four-score.
    But still they're filled with pain and sin,
    Soon gone, and then we live no more.

4.  So teach us how to count our days,
    That wisdom might fill all our time.
    Return, O Lord, accept our praise,
    That through our lives Your love may shine.

5.  Establish, Lord, the work we do,
    And through it make Your glory known,
    That praise may ever come to You,
    And unto all Your love be shown.