Number: 212
Title: Psalm 91 Within Your Shelter, Loving God
Composer: Scottish Psalter, 1615
Author: John G. Dunn, 1982
Scripture: Psalm 91
Theme: Psalms

1.  Within Your shelter, loving God,
    My refuge and my tower,
    I safely walk by day and night
    Beneath Your guiding power.

2.  Because I trust in You alone,
    No evil shall come near.
    The strong defender of my home,
    With You I have no fear.

3.  Your holy angels bear me up
    And keep my feet secure.
    Though fierce and angry foes assail,
    In You my way is sure.

4.  As often as I call to You,
    You kindly hear my prayer.
    In times of trouble and distress
    I rest in Your own care.

5.  All those who know Your name on earth
    Shall life abundant know.
    On all abiding in Your love
    Your saving grace bestow.