Number: 215
Title: Psalm 95 Come, Sing with Joy to God
Composer: David Clark Isele, 1979
Author: Para. Arlo D. Duba, 1984
Scripture: Psalm 95
Theme: Psalms

1.  Come, sing with joy to God, 
    Our Rock and Savior praise;
    Come, enter in with shouts of joy, your voices raise.
    O mighty God, You are the Lord,
    The God of gods by all adored.

2.  The heights and depths of earth
    Are cradled in God's hand;
    The same almighty power made mountains, sea, and land.
    Come, worship God, come, kneel and bow
    Before the Lord our Maker now.

3.  Our God and Lord alone,
    Through all the years the same,
    You feed us, take us by the hand, call each by name.
    You are the shepherd, we the sheep;
    Lord, shelter us, our footsteps keep.

4.  Lord, we would hear Your word,
    And not the test repeat
    Of Massah with its manna and the waters sweet.
    We ask for sight, Your rest restore,
    And we shall praise you evermore.