Number: 219
Title: Psalm 98 To God Compose a Song of Joy
Composer: Edwin R. Taylor, 1987
Author: Ruth C. Duck, 1986
Scripture: Psalm 98
Theme: Psalms

1.  To God compose a song of joy;
    To God make melody,
    Whose arm of strength does wondrous things,
    Whose hand brings victory!

2.  Before the nations God reveals
    A just and righteous will,
    Remembering in faithful love
    The house of Israel.

3.  In every corner of the earth,
    God comes to save and free;
    Break forth with shouts of holy joy;
    All lands, make melody.

4.  With trumpet, with the sound of horns,
    With strings, yes, with the lyre,
    With voices praise the sovereign God,
    A lusty, joyous choir.

5.  Let seas in all their fullness roar,
    And people of all lands,
    Let mountains join and shout for joy,
    Let rivers clap their hands.

6.  The God of justice comes to save;
    Let earth make melody!
    For God will judge with righteousness
    And rule with equity.