Number: 223
Title: Psalm 103 O My Soul, Bless Your Redeemer
Composer: alt. 1972, 1988Witt's Psalmodia Sacra, 1715 As in Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861
Author: Para. In The Book of Psalms, 1871;
Scripture: Psalm 103
Theme: Psalms

1.  O my soul, bless your Redeemer;
    All within me bless God's name;
    Bless the Savior, and forget not
    All God's mercies to proclaim;

2.  God forgives all your transgressions,
    All diseases gently heals;
    God redeems you from destruction,
    And with you so kindly deals.

3.  Far as east from west is distant,
    God has put away our sin;
    Like the pity of a father
    Has the Lord's compassion been.

4.  As it was without beginning,
    So it lasts without an end;
    To their children's children ever
    Shall God's righteousness extend:

5.  Unto such as keep God's covenant
    And are steadfast in God's way;
    Unto those who still remember
    The commandments and obey.

6.  Bless your Maker, all you creatures,
    Ever under God's control,
    All throughout God's vast dominion;
    Bless the Lord of all, my soul!