Number: 226
Title: Psalm 113 Sing Praise Unto the Name of god
Composer: , 1989Attr. Matthaus Greiter, 1525 Genevan Psalter, 1539
Author: Fred R. Anderson, 1983
Scripture: Psalm 113
Theme: Psalms

1.  Sing praise unto the name of God.
    Come, servants, now and offer laud.
    Blest is Your name, O living Lord.
    From this time forth and evermore,
    O'er all the world from shore to shore,
    O may Your name be long adored.
    You, Lord, are ruler of all lands;
    The works of states are in Your hands.
    There is no other like You, God;
    Your power is great, Your love is broad.
    All people live within Your power.
    Sing praise in this and every hour.

2.  You help the needy in distress,
    And give them life that conquers death,
    The great and small for You are one.
    You grant the homeless sheltered space,
    And empty people feel Your grace,
    That in all times Your will is done.
    I'll praise the Lord with all my breath,
    And trust my Maker unto death.
    Praise to the one who brings us life,
    And holds us safe in every strife.
    For God has conquered and is King;
    Eternal One, to You we sing.