Number: 227
Title: Psalm 115 Not Unto Us, O Lord of Heaven
Composer: alt. Walter Pelz, 1977 Adapt. W. Thomas Jones, 1980
Author: The Psalter, 1912;
Scripture: Psalm 115
Theme: Psalms

1.  Not unto us, O Lord of heaven,
    But unto You be glory given.
    In love and truth You do fulfill
    The counsels of Your sovereign will;
    Though nations fail Your power to own,
    Yet You still reign, and You alone.

2.  The idol gods of heathen lands
    Are but the work of human hands;
    They cannot see, they cannot speak,
    Their ears are deaf, their hands are weak;
    Like them shall be all those who hold
    To gods of silver and of gold.

3.  Let Israel trust in God alone,
    The Lord whose grace and power are known;
    To God your full allegiance yield,
    That one will be your help and shield;
    All those who fear God will be blest,
    The saints have proved God's faithfulness.