Number: 228
Title: Psalm 116 O Thou, My Soul, Return in Peace
Composer: alt. Stanzas 3-6, The Psalter, 1912; alt.Hugh Wilson, c. 1800 Adapt. And Harm. Robert Smith, 1825
Author: Stanzas 1-2, Murrayfield Psalms, 1950;
Scripture: Psalm 116
Theme: Psalms

1.  O thou, my soul, return in peace
    To thine untroubled rest,
    For thee the bounty of the Lord
    Abundantly hath blest.

2.  God did indeed redeem my soul
    That else in death had slept;
    God hath mine eyes from tears set free,
    My feet from stumbling kept.

3.  What shall I render to the Lord,
    What shall my offering be,
    For all the gracious benefits
    God hath bestowed on me?

4.  Salvation's cup my soul shall take
    While to the Lord I pray,
    And with God's people I will meet,
    My thankful vows to pay.

5.  Not lightly dost Thou, Lord, permit
    Thy chosen saints to die;
    From death Thou hast delivered me;
    Thy servant, Lord, am I.

6.  Within God's house, the house of prayer,
    My soul shall bless the Lord,
    And praises to God's holy name
    Let all the saints accord.