Number: 238
Title: Psalm 127 Unless the Lord the House Shall Build
Composer: alt. Attr. Freeman Lewis, 1825 Harm. John Leon Hooker, 1984
Author: The Psalter, 1912;
Scripture: Psalm 127
Theme: Psalms

1.  Unless the Lord the house shall build,
    The weary builders toil in vain;
    Unless the Lord the city shield,
    The guards a useless watch maintain.

2.  In vain you rise at morning break,
    And late your nightly vigils keep,
    And weary days of toil partake;
    For God's beloved there is sleep.

3.  Yes, children are a great reward,
    A gift from God in very truth;
    As quiver full of arrows stored
    Are children given in days of youth.

4.  How blest are those whose lives are cheered
    By children's growth in strength and grace.
    Within their house no foes are feared,
    For God keeps watch within that place.