Number: 239
Title: Psalm 128 How Happy Is Each Child of God
Composer: Este's Psalmes, 1592
Author: Dwyn M. Mounger, 1986
Scripture: Psalm 128
Theme: Psalms

1.  How happy is each child of God
    Who walks within God's ways!
    You'll reap good fruit from honest work,
    And joy in life always.

2.  With fruitful spouse you'll parent now
    Your children strong, adored;
    Like olive shoots they shall surround
    Your laden table board!

3.  How happy is the family
    Who honors God above!
    The Lord shall send all help and grace
    To bless your home with love.

4.  May God's great peace, good health, and joy
    Forever fill your home;
    May you and your descendants know
    Forever God's shalom!