Number: 249
Title: Psalm 141 O Lord, Make Haste to Hear My Cry
Composer: alt.Adapted from George Frederick Handel, c. 1750
Author: The Psalter, 1912;
Scripture: Psalm 141
Theme: Psalms

1.  O Lord, make haste to hear my cry.
    To You I call, on You rely.
    Incline to me a gracious ear,
    And when I call, in mercy hear.

2.  When in the morning unto You
    I call in supplication new, 
    Then let my prayer as incense rise
    To God enthroned above the skies.

3.  When unto You I look and pray
    With lifted hands at close of day,
    Then as the evening sacrifice
    Let my request accepted rise.

4.  O guard my thoughts, I now implore,
    And of my lips O keep the door;
    Nor leave my sinful heart to stray
    Where evil footsteps lead the way.