Number: 261
Title: God of Compassion, in Mercy Befriend Us
Composer: Paris Antiphoner, 1681 As in La Feillee's Methode du plain-chant, 1808
Author: John J. Moment, 1933
Theme: God

1.  God of compassion, in mercy befriend us;
    Giver of grace for our needs all-availing,
    Wisdom and strength for each day do Thou send us,
    Patience untiring and courage unfailing.

2.  Wandering and lost, Thou hast sought us and found us,
    Stilled our rude hearts with Thy word of consoling;
    Wrap now Thy peace, like a mantle, around us,
    Guarding our thoughts and our passions controlling.

3.  How shall we stray, with Thy hand to direct us,
    Thou who the stars in their courses art guiding?
    What shall we fear, with Thy power to protect us,
    We who walk forth in Thy greatness confiding?