Number: 268
Title: God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens
Composer: alt. Attr. William Moore, 1825 Harm. Charles Ander, 1969
Author: Catherine Arnott Cameron, 1967;
Scripture: Genesis 1
Theme: God

1.  God, who stretched the spangled heavens
    Infinite in time and place,
    Flung the suns in burning radiance
    Through the silent fields of space:
    We, Your children in Your likeness,
    Share inventive powers with You;
    Great Creator, still creating, 
    Show us what we yet may do.

2.  We have ventured worlds undreamed of 
    Since the childhood of our race;
    Known the ecstasy of winging
    Through untraveled realms of space;
    Probed the secrets of the atom,
    Yielding unimagined power,
    Facing us with life's destruction
    Or our most triumphant hour.

3.  As each far horizon beckons,
    May it challenge us anew:
    Children of creative purpose,
    Serving others, honoring You.
    May our dreams prove rich with promise,
    Each endeavor well begun;
    Great Creator, give us guidance
    Till our goals and Yours are one.