Number: 278
Title: Our God, to Whom We Turn
Composer: Ahasuerus Fritsch, 1679 Harm. Johann Sebastian Bach, 1724
Author: Edward Grubb, 1925
Theme: God

1.  Our God, to whom we turn
    When weary with illusion,
    Whose stars serenely burn
    Above this earth's confusion,
    Thine is the mighty plan,
    The steadfast order sure,
    In which the world began,
    Endures, and shall endure.

2.  Thou art Thyself the truth;
    Though we, who fain would find Thee,
    Have tried, with thoughts uncouth,
    In feeble words to bind Thee,
    It is because Thou art
    We're driven to the quest;
    Till truth from falsehood part,
    Our souls can find no rest.

3.  All beauty speaks of Thee:
    The mountains and the rivers,
    The line of lifted sea,
    Where spreading moonlight quivers,
    The deep-toned organ blast
    That rolls through arches dim,
    Hints of the music vast
    Of Thine eternal hymn.

4.  Thou hidden fount of love,
    Of peace, and truth, and beauty,
    Inspire us from above 
    With joy and strength for duty;
    May Thy fresh light arise 
    Within each clouded heart,
    And give us open eyes 
    To see Thee as Thou art.