Number: 290
Title: God Created Heaven and Earth
Composer: Pi-po melody Harm. I-to Loh, 1963; rev. 1982
Author: Taiwanese hymn Trans. Boris and Clare Anderson, 1981
Scripture: Psalm 96:3-9 Psalms 148
Theme: God

1.  God created heaven and earth,
    All things perfect brought to birth;
    God's great power made dark and light,
    Earth revolving day and night.

2.  Let us praise God's mercy great,
    All our needs that love await;
    God, who fashions all that lives,
    To each one a blessing gives.

3.  God is one, will ever be:
    Idols are mere vanity;
    Handmade gods of wood and clay
    Cannot help us when we pray.

4.  But God's grace beyond compare
    Saves us all from death's despair;
    So earth's creatures small and great
    Give thanks for that blessed state.