Number: 297
Title: O Lord of Every Shining Constellation
Composer: alt.Vicar Earle Copes, 1963
Author: Albert F. Bayly, 1950;
Scripture: Gensis 1:27
Theme: God

1.  O Lord of every shining constellation
    That wheels in splendor through the midnight sky,
    Grant us Your Spirit's true illumination
    To read the secrets of Your work on high.

2.  You, Lord, have made the atom's hidden forces,
    Your laws its mighty energies fulfill;
    Teach us, to whom You give such rich resources,
    In all we use, to serve Your holy will.

3.  You, Lord, have stamped Your image on Your creatures,
    And though they mar that image, love them still;
    Lift up our eyes to Christ, that in His features
    We may discern the beauty of Your will.