Number: 30
Title: Born in the Night, Mary's Child
Composer: alt.Geoffrey Ainger, 1964 Harm. Richard D. Wetzel, 1972
Author: Geoffrey Ainger, 1964;
Scripture: Luke 2:4-7
Theme: Christmas

1.  Born in the night, Mary's Child,
    A long way from Your home;
    Coming in need, Mary's Child,
    Born in a borrowed room.

2.  Clear shining light, Mary's Child,
    Your face lights up our way;
    Light of the world, Mary's Child,
    Dawn on our darkened day.

3.  Truth of our life, Mary's Child,
    You tell us God is good;
    Yes, it is true, Mary's Child,
    Shown on your cross of wood.

4.  Hope of the world, Mary's Child,
    You're coming soon to reign;
    King of the earth, Mary's Child,
    Walk in our streets again.