Number: 301
Title: Lord Jesus, Think on Me
Composer: Daman's Psalmes, 1579; alt.
Author: Synesius of Cyrene, (c. 370-c. 414) Trans. Allen W. Chatfield, 1876
Scripture: Luke 22:40 James 4:7-10
Theme: Jesus Christ

1.  Lord Jesus, think on me,
    And purge away my sin;
    From earth-born passions set me free,
    And make me pure within.

2.  Lord Jesus, think on me,
    Amid the battle's strife;
    In all my pain and misery
    Be Thou my health and life.

3.  Lord Jesus, think on me,
    Nor let me go astray;
    Through darkness and perplexity
    Point Thou the heavenly way.

4.  Lord Jesus, think on me,
    That, when this life is past,
    I may the eternal brightness see,
    And share Thy joy at last.