Number: 305
Title: Jesus, Our Divine Companion
Composer: alt.American melody, 1830 Harm. Richard Proulx, 1986
Author: Henry van Dyke, 1909;
Theme: Jesus Christ

1.  Jesus, our divine Companion,
    By Your lowly human birth
    You have come to join the workers,
    Burden bearers of the earth.
    You, the carpenter of Nazareth,
    Toiling for Your daily food,
    By Your patience and Your courage
    You have taught us work is good.

2.  Where the many toil together,
    There You are among Your own;
    Where the solitary labor,
    You are there with them alone.
    You, the peace that passes knowledge,
    Dwelling in the daily strife;
    You, the Bread of heaven, are broken
    In the sacrament of life.