Number: 308
Title: O Sing a Song of bethlehem
Composer: English Country Songs, 1893 Arr. And Harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906
Author: Louis FitzGerald Benson, 1899
Scripture: Luke 2:8-15
Theme: Jesus Christ

1.  O sing a song of Bethlehem,
    Of shepherds watching there,
    And of the news that came to them
    From angels in the air:
    The light that shone on Bethlehem
    Fills all the world today;
    Of Jesus' birth and peace on earth
    The angels sing alway.

2.  O sing a song of Nazareth,
    Of sunny days of joy,
    O sing of fragrant flowers' breath,
    And of the sinless Boy:
    For now the flowers of Nazareth
    In every heart may grow;
    Now spreads the fame of His dear name
    On all the winds that blow.

3.  O sing a song of Galilee,
    Of lake and woods and hill,
    Of Him who walked upon the sea
    And bade its waves be still:
    For though, like waves on Galilee,
    Dark seas of trouble roll,
    When faith has heard the Master's word,
    Falls peace upon the soul.

4.  O sing a song of Calvary,
    Its glory and dismay;
    Of Him who hung upon the tree,
    And took our sins away:
    For He who died on Calvary
    Is risen from the grave,
    And Christ, our Lord, by heaven adored,
    Is mighty now to save.