Number: 311
Title: We Meet You, O Christ
Composer: Basque carol Harm. George Mims, 1979
Author: Fred Kaan, 1966
Theme: Jesus Christ

1.  We meet You, O Christ, in many a guise:
    Your image we see in simple and wise.
    You live in a palace, exist in a shack.
    We see You, the gardener, a tree on Your back.

2.  In millions alive, away and abroad;
    Involved in our life, You live down the road.
    Imprisoned in systems, You long to be free.
    We see You, Lord Jesus, still bearing Your tree.

3.  We hear You, O Christ, in agony cry.
    For freedom You march, in riots You die.
    Your face in the papers we read and we see.
    The tree must be planted by human decree.

4.  You choose to be made at one with the earth;
    The dark of the grave prepares for Your birth.
    Your death is Your rising, creative Your word:
    The tree springs to life and our hope is restored.