Number: 318
Title: Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
Composer: Jane Manton Marshall, 1985
Author: Christopher Wordsworth, 1862
Scripture: I Corinthians 13
Theme: Holy Spirit

1.  Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost,
    Taught by You, we covet most,
    Of Your gifts at Pentecost,
    Holy, heavenly love.

2.  Love is kind and suffers long;
    Love is meek and thinks no wrong;
    Love than death itself more strong;
    Therefore give us love.

3.  Prophecy will fade away,
    Melting in the light of day;
    Love will ever with us stay;
    Therefore give us love.

4.  Faith and hope and love we see,
    Joining hand in hand agree,
    But the greatest of the three,
    And the best, is love.